We donate 5% percent  of every piece purchased to two of our favorite organizations.

The best part is that you pick - with a easy scroll down feature you get to pick whether that 5% will be going to the World Wild Life Fund (WWF) or Amazon Watch.  

We know that it is important to always give back so we've decide to build this into our business model by giving the clients the option to either support the animals or the trees. This 5 % is coming out of our profit not yours. We just love having you involved telling us where you'd like it to go.

Handmade in Mexico  

As an ode to nature and a call to action to preserve nature our brand seeks to have the smallest possible impact on nature while having the largest positive social and human impact.

We work 100% from a bottom up approach which means that unlike large commercial brands we price our products after paying our team members fairly and generously, as opposed to the traditional large scale retail financial model which first decides what they want their costs need to be and then find the cheapest team to meet those low cost thresholds.

Our mission  is to create stunning high-quality, durable products, produced ethically and sustainably, in Mexico City.

We are a small female owned business with an emphasis on respect for all people, and a high quality of life for ourselves and for our partners. 

All our products are 100 % handmade.


We do not use poisonous chemicals our pieces are 100% Nickel Free 22 Karat Gold Vermeil we happily pay 4 times more per gram for our gold plate, we make a conscious decision  to incur higher costs because we believe that we do not want to live in a world where things are cheaper but may cause severe damage to our bodies and minds.