We are an independent jewelry and art object studio specialized in the study of still life through organic forms and texture. All our pieces are preservations of nature, they speak of timeless states and the exploration of life through texture.

 All our objects work through our interpretation of the principles of wabi sabi:

-                Simplicity and Naturalness

-                Circularity as a free shape - we work without straight angles

-                Design that is present oriented

-                Experimentation versus process

-                Idealistic Beauty

All our objects are made with human hands by our team of beloved metal smiths and artisans in Mexico City.


By Maya Gaia Savage

 As an artist Mayas’ work acts as research into the forms and texture of nature. Her practice focuses on the de-contextualization of nature through the preservation of nature, thus, investigating the state of timelessness. By preserving nature as it was found at a specific moment in time we begin to question time. Its paradoxical nature both illusory and permanent. This being the final essence of her work; nature as a metaphor for exploration into the unresolved nature of human existence.

The brand is influenced by her love for nature and the nomadic glob trotting lifestyle in which she was brought up. She grew up in a diplomatic family and while the family dedicated their life to exploring the world she cultivated her fascination for the forms of our planet earth.



All pieces are made through variations of the lost-wax casting and organic casting techniques. Experimenting plays a large part in the studios process either by directly casting nature into metal or extracting direct impressions of natural elements through cold silicone molding techniques. Whilst organic material is used, no animals are hurt or captured in the process. The material has been sourced in a humane and sustainable manner.