Our Story of Infinity

My Story of Infinity

Location: Cuatro Cienegas Mexico 

March 2019 

The world as we know it is constantly shifting, changing and evolving. What I try to do with my work is to capture nature in a timeless state in order to inspire the preservation of nature. 

In making a MAYA SAVAGE brand film, the translation of that ethos had to be translated to film. Thus, the film in a sense seeks to glorify the places that are becoming more and more scarce in order to ask the important question: Why do so few places like this exist today and how do we preserve the ones that remain?

Places of the World 

The film is intended to be an investigation into the textures and forms of the planet, we wanted the film to function as an ode to the earthWe choose to feature an iconic location that has rarely been seen before; a place that has textures and forms that are almost other-worldly. We chose Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico because it is one of the most richly biodiverse areas in the world. One could say that it is the Galapagos of the desert.

As a child I visited Cuatro Cienegas with my father before it became a nation park. He is a biologist and had left his job to work on this land that he held close to his heart. He had been able to secure a contract to buy the land on behalf of an organization with the goal of turning it into a nature reserve.I can’t remember the exact details of the place in itself but I can remember the sensation that land transmitted to me as he walked me through this raw, rare place. 

I felt that I was in contact with something prehistoric, wild and untouched. That I was one of my first and maybe still one of the only times that I experienced nature in its most organic form; empty of humans, speaking to me in its own language. In a sense my personal vision with this film was to share this voice. 



But beyond its visual uniqueness, we chose this place because it birthed a desire within us to interact with the planet in distinct and unconventional ways.

An unconventional space to portray unconventional beauty the question of what does beauty mean today arises.

We wanted to take the audience on a journey through numerous terrains and landscapes which fall far outside of the “normal” definition of beauty. It was important that this film act as a counter movement to this traditional understanding of 'iinstagramable' beauty. This land is rough and often dull. It does not shout. The minerals form color palettes that are rarely seen. It is almost entirely uninhabited with sulfur flats, spiny rough and raw cacti, and blank marble quarries that form a canvas that remind us how incredible it is that life exists on this planet.

We wanted people to watch this film and do much more than interact with a product. We wanted them to become intrigued and curious about the space and the land that is being showcased and feel the desire to seek out unconventional forms of beauty in their own lives. In that way, this film is an invitation to explore the mystery and vast variety of the world without following the overused algorithmic patterns and social scripts of beauty.

Similarly, my work does not always feature the obvious forms of beauty but instead attempts to elevate forms and textures that are overlooked by most. This allows for earth-born individuality that sets each piece a part. 

An Artists Imperative 

As artists, we now have a higher emotional and social imperative to use our voice to speak of the realities of our times. We can no longer ignore the deep rooted disrespect that our society has shown to our planet. I worked with the Australian based female film Director Sammy Hawker to create this film as we both connect over this deep knowing. This common understanding enabled us to contemplate what we hope is an unseen aesthetic and then communicate what is often an unheard message. 

Simply put, the organic vision of this film is to create a love letter to the earth.

Currency of Memories 

We decided to work in the currency of memories. Through my years of practice as a metal artist, I’ve developed the ability to mold almost any piece of nature. One of the most exciting discoveries is that there is no exact science behind it. It is a largely an experimental process. But when it works it works.

This special process is worth the endless hours of experimentation because it allows me to keep the texture and the story of that piece of nature alive. As a piece of nature loses its temporal connection to time, both the process and the result are deeply symbolic.

We can all preserve nature in our own way. But first it must be noticed. Just as we all have the gift to interpret the meaning and significance of nature in our own way, we hope that you enjoy the contemplation of natural beauty in all of its forms. Perhaps you will be inspired to observe the unnoticed elements of nature's magnificent expression.

Here is the script of the film in written form. But to truly experience it, it must be watched.

This is my story of infinity

An investigation of space and time

A moment to pause - A time to be true

To look closely and deeply

A space to feel

Our planet

and its story

Written in its texture

A chance to live close to our planet

To love the air, the earth and the water 

Balancing our freedom, strength, and vulnerability


Air, Water, Earth

The elements of life

This is our story of infinity


During my last visit to Australia, Sammy had shared her intention to create a bespoke engagement ring from the bark of a eucalyptus tree from their backyard for both her and her boyfriend Tom. 


She had asked me to bring this vision alive and I  traveled back to Mexico with a little box of eucalyptus bark in my carry on excited about making something so rich in story. Through some stroke of luck we were chatting one day and decided that it would feel more authentic to us if we could come up with an alternative currency for the project. 

In this way we decided to work together she would fly to Mexico and bring me three pieces of bark from different trees that would be married together to such as way as to tell her love story I would make the engagement rings and she would travel with me to film ‘ Our Story of Infinity’ in the desert of Coahuila, Mexico.

The Wheel of Nature

Experience - get out in nature

Observe - look at it with new eyes each time and allow it to speak to you and teach you something new with each interaction.

Revere - We protect what we love. One must first fall in love with nature to truly desire to keep it intact.

Preserve - find ways to preserve nature. One way is to purchase a MAYA SAVAGE piece which quite literally preserves nature but also funds conservation across our planet. (Learn more about our sustainable vision here)